Jill Valentine & Nicholai – Dashole Gift

Hey my friends!!

My long time friend (formerly commissioner) Dashole has kindly offered you one of his latest creation, featuring none other than the gorgeous Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil saga.

here’s some samples, without texts:

If you’ve enjoyed our past collabs, like the Danger Girl series and Mary Jane – Break your Vows, you’ll be delighted with this new story.

His renders are among the best I’ve seen and his story-telling and writing skills have deeply influenced me!!

The first half of his chapter can be read in his dropbox HERE.

I cannot incite you enough to go visit HIS PATREON PAGE. He’s already worked his magic with Powergirl, Batgirl, Mary Jane and Princess Jasmine, just to name a few.

Enjoy and many thanks to him once again :3

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