Devlog 08

Hey my friends!

Long time since the last Devlog. I’m not doing the as thoroughly and regularly as I should, though work on my projects DO progress!!

My game is shaping up nicely and to celebrate this, here’s the very very very (X1000)… very early build of it!

This demo is very simple for now. 3 rooms to explore, trigger some dialogues lines here and there and some drawers you can open and close. Not much YET, but I’m super happy this works so well so far ! xD

The AgentX sprite is super “meh” though, and the plugin I used to animate it doesn’t work well with the depth tool of Adventure Creator, so it’ll be redone and replaced entirely at a later stage. Consider it a placeholder (a very time consuming to produce placeholder >__<‘).

And to finish, the latest background I’m working on for this game, the hangar/landing bay :

It’s merely done at 50% yet. Loads of elements to add in this one. I’m building the whole environments first then I’ll add the items you can interact with or collect on a second pass. I do have a backbone of enigmas and puzzles to solve to clear the game, though it’s very linear so far, and I fear a bit too simple. With the whole set of backgrounds done, it’ll be much easier to imagine and invent new puzzles. 😉

In them meantime, I’ll go back to my workload, filled with the bi-monthly comic for, some new Legend of Queen Opala artworks and many more!

Stay tuned :3

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