Thanks to you all!

Hey my friends!

I wanna thank you for all your support and patience while I’m slowly but surely coming back to full health.

Your words of care you sent me those past days really do mean a lot and help me and my family even more !

So thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

I hope to be back to “real” work (aka drawing stuff) in the next 2 days, for now, I feel well enough to do mailing and paperwork and some writing, but I’m still too dizzy and my sight is too blurry by the collyrium for my eyes to paint or draw yet.

cheers and see you soon 🙂

Process Video Recording

Hey there my friends!

If you didn’t know already, I usually stream on Picarto and thus recordings are created of my painting process. But Picarto only saves the latest 12 sessions.

So I’ve created a PornHub channel where I’ll post my videos to save them without limit of time.

I’m also accelerating them as watching 4hours long videos may be a bit too long… XD

Have fun and take care 🙂

A very Happy New Year my friends !!

and all the best to you and your loved ones !!

May 2020 be even better than 2019 in all aspects of your lives !! 🙂

A Merry Christmas to you all my friends !

and of course to all your loved ones !!

Have fun and take care 🙂

Artist and Money – my thoughts

I recently had a discussion with a friend and fellow artist on Picarto’s chat, and I believe it might interest and be quite helpful to a lot of other artists out there.

He was thinking about quiting doing commission work entirely because they were not earning him enough money compared to the amount of time and effort he was putting into them, which is a very common problem among many artists.

He was complaining that even with a huge price cut, he wasn’t able to get enough commissions.

That’s when I came in to say to him, what I’m about to say to you now : NEVER CUT YOUR PRICES !!

It won’t bring you more clients!!

I don’t include in that sentence, batch prices, when someone commissions you for a huge amount of pieces and thus money, or for very regular and recurring clients who deserve a gift from time to time for their fidelity in you and your art.

What I mean is : people don’t value what’s free and what comes cheap.

It’s sad but true.

Cutting your prices won’t make good, worthy, recurring clients come to you.

So my rule is : if you already have enough clients, good, raise your prices ! It shows you’re already successful and demanded. Thus, people will have a good first impression of you and your work.

If you don’t have enough clients, RAISE YOUR PRICES !!! You’re too cheap and people think you’re doing what you do for fun only, and what you ask as payment is equivalent to a tip.

You don’t look like a pro, because you do not charge like a pro !!!

How to estimate ?

My thought is : take the minimum rate per hour in your country, double it, and multiply that by the number of hours you’re going to spend on the piece/picture/whatever you’re creating.

So, if the minimum rate per hour is $8, and you estimate the picture will take 10 hours to create :

8 X 2 X 10 = $160


Remember, you’re not selling a picture!

You’re selling :

  • SKILLS, hard learned over lengthy periods of time, often years,
  • PERSONALITY, your own flavor to life, your own approach to a commission briefing,
  • LIFESPAN, yes, creation takes a chunk of your precious time on Earth. You can always earn more money, but your lifespan won’t come back!

It’s the addition or mixture of those 3 key elements that makes the final piece and its price!!!

Your skills and personality will increase over time, while your time will decrease : no reason EVER to cut your prices down!!!

Hope you’ll find this interesting and helpful. 🙂

Please let me know in the comment section bellow 😉

June pinup poll has begun…

Head to members’ section to get access to it 😉

and the monthly Comic Page Winner is…

Alicia (Ar-K: the Great Escape) story from George Stobbard! With a tremendous 88 votes in total!

Dat’s a new record O_o’

One that’ll be hard to beat… or is it ? 😀

See you soon for the page and in the meantime, enjoy the stories HERE.

AgentX – Gamroh – 2 new pages

2 new pages added to my ongoing comics Gamroh, an adventure of my OC, AgentX

Head to the member area to read it !! 😛

Take care and have fun 🙂

Sun and her Teachers

Hi there my friends !

I’ve just launched my new illustrated story – Sun and her Teachers – on Gumroad or on the E-Shop here !

You can also get it among many other stories and comics, in the member area of as usual !

Sun and 2 fellow students have fallen pray to a trio of old perverted teachers 😛
You can already imagine how it’s going to turn out ! XD

My son and his milk