Comic Pages Pack Vol03 is out !

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Comic Pack Pages vol.02 is out!

What are you waiting for? :3

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Picture Pack Vol.20 !!

And along the “classic” illustrations, we’re now diving into the comic pages with this pack! :3

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Picture Pack Vol.19 !!

Damn, so many packs already! O_o’

How many spermatozoids went down the drain due to my lewd arts? I’m responsible for a true genocide there!! xD

Ohhh well… someone’s got to do what someone’s got to do!

Enjoy! 😛

Picture Pack Vol.18 is out!

5 black&white sketches, the Rowena mini-set (7 variations) and 1 tentacle fuck animated GIF !! \ OyO /

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Flash stuff I did and the futur…

Hey my friends!

EdWood made me notice, very wisely, that Adobe is going to drop Flash entirely. Hence, the current animations and mini-games I did using it may not load in your web-browser properly in the near futur (or right away already :/).

So, if you still want to play them, I recommend you one of these :

  • the actual official offline Flash player :
  • Flashpoint :
  • Ruffle :

I’ve only tested the Adobe Flash player and so far so good (obviously), Ruffle seems to be supported by Newgrounds, so it should be good too and Flashpoint is damn popular… xD

Anyway, feel free to comment bellow if you have other alternatives for those loops and games you love 🙂

Cheers :3

And the New Picture Pack is out!

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And Picture Pack vol.15 is out!

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New full color pack is here !!

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First full color picture pack !!

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