And Picture Pack 10 is here ! :P

What else could I add ?

Click the picture to buy ;3

DevLog 02

hey there my friends!

Well, not much to say today as I was on holidays last week (hellish-days would be more accurate).

So for this month, I will mostly focus on finally finishing AOD3. I still have 3/4 strips to fully layout, illustrate and animate, and a couple to polish, and it should be wrapped up 😛

Then I will move onto my Harley and Batman comic, and some background production for my game if I have the time :3

Wish me strength and may the Gods of productivity be with me ! 😀

Picture Pack 9 is available !!

What else to say? ENJOY !!

Clic the picture bellow to access it 😉

And pack 8 is available !!

What else to say? ENJOY !!

Clic the picture bellow to access it 😉

Picture Pack Vol7 and some news (for once)

Hey there my friends! Hope you’re all doing great.

As some of you may already know through my discord server (clic HERE to join if you haven’t done so already), my 2nd part of July has been hectic, both in a good and bad way, inducing some delays on my work schedule.

I’m doing my best to catch up now on both commissions and exclusive content (and I’ll succeed no matter what!! XD), but thanks for your patience and understanding in the meantime!! :LOVE: :3

With that being said, here’s now the new pack you’ve all been waiting for! 😛

Go to or my Eshop HERE, or clic the picture bellow to purchase it. Cheers

Clarification about AOD3

I just wanted to clarify that AOD3 IS NOT COMPLETE YET! It’ll be in August or early September at worst. My announcement wasn’t very clear, my english betrayed me >__<‘

AOD3 new batch

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Picture Pack Vol6 available

Lots of gokkun in it, and a giraffe ! :3

Go to and enjoy ! 😛

site offline news

Hey my friends !

as you probably noticed, was offline those past 2 days. It was due to our server being full already !!


Incredible but somehow this is a good news! It means we’re expanding faster than expected, so THANK YOU !!

The “issue” has now been solved and our server capacity has been doubled !! YEAH !!

Plenty of room to add tons of new lewds !! 😛

Enjoy !! 🙂

Picture Pack Vol2

And yet another pack of formerly exclusive Patreon pictures is available in the Shop… or if you become a member too ! 😉

Enjoy !