Devlog 08

Hey my friends!

Long time since the last Devlog. I’m not doing the as thoroughly and regularly as I should, though work on my projects DO progress!!

My game is shaping up nicely and to celebrate this, here’s the very very very (X1000)… very early build of it!

This demo is very simple for now. 3 rooms to explore, trigger some dialogues lines here and there and some drawers you can open and close. Not much YET, but I’m super happy this works so well so far ! xD

The AgentX sprite is super “meh” though, and the plugin I used to animate it doesn’t work well with the depth tool of Adventure Creator, so it’ll be redone and replaced entirely at a later stage. Consider it a placeholder (a very time consuming to produce placeholder >__<‘).

And to finish, the latest background I’m working on for this game, the hangar/landing bay :

It’s merely done at 50% yet. Loads of elements to add in this one. I’m building the whole environments first then I’ll add the items you can interact with or collect on a second pass. I do have a backbone of enigmas and puzzles to solve to clear the game, though it’s very linear so far, and I fear a bit too simple. With the whole set of backgrounds done, it’ll be much easier to imagine and invent new puzzles. 😉

In them meantime, I’ll go back to my workload, filled with the bi-monthly comic for, some new Legend of Queen Opala artworks and many more!

Stay tuned :3

Devlog 07

And navigation works fully now! I’m happy! xD

I’ve also added a wee bit of parallax on the sink in the Kitchen for extra depth in the scene ;3

Now, let’s tackle more complex interactions with items!! Stay tuned for more 😛

Devlog 06

Hey my friends!

Here’s a quick video showing the 4 directional movements finally done for my AgentX sprite !! WOOT!! \OyO/

There’s some glitches happening from time to time, but they show up randomly when I launch the test run, and I think it’s due to the whole sprite not being turned into a full-fleshed asset of the game yet.

Next is more rooms, and of course some objects to interact with.

Stay tuned !

Devlog 05

Damn! I’m irregular with those devlogs! xD

I do work a lot on my perosnal projects though, rest assured of that! And today I’m sharing with you a bit of the progress made on my Point&Clic adventure game. :3

As you can see, things are shaping up nicely, yet there’s still much to do, of course. But so far so good and I’m super happy to have a small clip for you to show the basic engine is working!! WOOT!! \ OyO /

Up, Down and 3/4 Back sprites still need to be rigged and animated (currently being done), but navigating around an environment works. I’ve made a few mistakes with this one, hence some clipping issues I’ll correct when the sprites are completed, but I must confess Adventure Creator on Unity do makes life quite easy!! :3

the Trello plans :

See you soon for more stuff and progress !!

cheers :3

Devlog 04

Hey my friends!

I’m super late on my Devlogs >__<‘ I’m sorry T___T …… xD

This 2020 year is quite crazy and I have real trouble staying on line with any form of planning or scheduling, in spite of my best efforts.

Bad/sad excuses aside, here are some updates on my projects!!

So, to sum it all up, my upcoming Batman and Harley comic is almost done! I should also be able to post the Swegabe/Gabriel Logan comic featuring his Legend of Queen Opala character, Elin, in December. So lots of good stuff coming soon for you my friends!! :p

And thus in 2021, I’ll tackle my Clara Soft prequels and some visual novel kind of games too if all goes well (and it will! xD)

Stay tuned!!

Devlog 03

Hey there my friends!

I’m a bit late for this new Devlog, but that’s how life is! XD I focused my ass off to finished AOD3 at long last!! If you haven’t done so already, log in to to enjoy it, or buy it HERE. 😉

I’m now preparing a lovely Halloween special featuring Nami from the anime ONE PIECE. Is there any best setting than Thriller Bark and Absolom to celebrate the spookiest time of the year? >:3

Loads of new things are also on their way but I’ve added/updated the Trello board with the most important and advanced ones. Check it bellow 😉

Take care and have fun 🙂


DevLog 01

Hey there my friends!

This summer has been unexpected to say the least. I’ve done less than I intended to do on many things, YET I did a lot more too on many others.

I’m the kind of guy to grab my pen and start sketching whenever a new idea pops in my head. Worked pretty fine so far yet I’m very clumsy and spread all over too many projects without sometimes a clear vision of where I’m heading.

So, I decided to plan things out and I intend to do this kind of “devlog” posts every 2 weeks to keep you update (and force myself to produce on a more regular basis too :p ).

Hence, I’ve created a Trello board where you can visualize all my current projects (with links to individual Trello for some bigger more complex ones), and their current state of progress (clicking will open the whole board in a new tab):

So, I’m pretty happy to have those sorted out :p

To conclude, I hope this will help you see (if needed :3) I’m not slacking off when I’m not streaming XDD Plenty’s going on and loads of good stuff will be released on in the next months and years!!

And by the way, expect a small update on AOD3 next week too ;3