Sypha rewards Trevor

and a quickie colored sketch because why not 😛

and the timelapse :

Britney gets captured

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Some Lara quickies

Had to scratch some hitches yesterday. xD

Well, technically, the spreadeagled one is from last year. Dunno why I hadn’t posted it… O_o’

Anyway, have fun 😛

Boa Hancock and Monkey D. Luffy

Having a good time! I dare say they’re having a blast!! xD

Okay I should stop my silly dad jokes, I know >:D

FemShep commissioned pinup

Hey everyone!!

Here’s a new commissioned pinup of the famous FemShep.
I’m pretty proud of this one :3
Many thanks to the anonymous commissioner.


And the timelapse:

Vhazar does Van — commission

And now, ladies and gentlemen, one of the very VERY rare GAY commission I accepted almost 2 years ago (yeah I do have such a long waiting list for commissions >__> ).

Van (the hooman dude) being done by Vhazar (the minotaur), both characters belong to Swegabe/Gabriel Logan and the “Legend of Queen Opala” universe. 😉

I dunno the relashionship of these 2 in the games, but I somewhat understood they’re both bad guys. Oh well, who cares anyway ! xD

Many thanks to the anonymous commissioner and enjoy!! :3

and the timelapse:

She gets tentacled — quickie sketch

And a quick sketch done for a friend and because it’s been gazillions years since I drew some tentacles 😛

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!!

I alas totally forgot to turn on the timelapse recording when I did this one >___<‘

sorry T____T

Akali Pinup commission

And the lovely pinup that cost me 2 Twitter 12hours long lockdown! xD

Akali doesn’t seem to appeal to everyone!! O__o’ But I’m pretty sure, she’ll appeal to you in this outfit 😛

Cheers and enjoy and many many thanks to the anonymous commissioner :3

NB: alternative version with her mask and timelapse available for members 😉

Fake 3D BOX tutorial

I was asked how I did my BOX art for my packs, so I quickly wrapped up this tutorial 😉

Enjoy, and let me know if there are other tricks you’d like me to explain.


Current upcoming bimonthly comic page preview timelapse

What a title for a simple post ! xD