Sanji enjoying Nami and Robin’s mouths

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Angelise punishing Decima and Sin Faye – commission

everything’s in the title !! XD

Many thanks to Breee aka Princess Angelise Reiter for this lovely commission
You can follow her here :, if you haven’t already 😉

cheers !

Emerald and Ruby – commission for Yozuru

a lovely pair of gorgeous girls in a FarWest setting, about to enjoy the warm welcome of secluded citizens… or maybe not ! XD

many thanks to Yozuru for the commission 😀 and don’t forget to check out higher definition version by logging in the members section 😉

cheers !

Trishka Tricycling

and one more installment in the never ending debasement of Trishka !! XD

Congrats and many thanks to the anonymous commissioner, and don’t forget to check out the previous artworks by various artists (including me) HERE.

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Shyvana – commissioned pinup

and the lovely Shivana from League of Legends (if I’m correct). 😛

Thanks to the commissioner for this sexy lady, and don’t forget to check out the HD version in the members’ section !! 😉

Khunbish and the Kelpie

Hey there my friends!

One more awesome commission for Inconspicuousindividual of his OC, Khunbish, the Mongolian centaur Lady and police officer, being assaulted by a Kelpie (for those like me who don’t know what it is, it’s a ghost horse made of water, or something like it) :DMany thanks to him for the commish and sharing it!
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Slave Princess Leia

Hi there my friends !

And the monthly pinup, featuring the lovely Carrie Fisher as the not least famous Slave Leia.What can I say? Jabba’s understood what a girl needs !! XDDD

As usual, HD & creampied/facialized files available to members of 😉
Have fun my friends 🙂

Renée Vulpes – commissioned pinup

Hi there my friends !One-Wing commissioned me to depict his lovely OC, Renée Vulpes, having fun alone… or is she truelly alone??Maybe she’s merely preparing herself for a special someone…? 

Anyway, many thanks to him for the commish !!

Have fun my friends !! 🙂

Fiora Laurent

and one more commissioned pinup, featuring the swordbuckling lady, Fiora Laurent!

Many thanks to the commissioner 🙂 and don’t forget to login for the HD file . 😉